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How to use Gel Wax Melts

How to Use Gel Wax Melts: A Guide to Effortless Fragrance Enjoyment

Sizes and Melt Times:

• 30g Pots: Enjoy up to 30 hours of fragrant bliss, but keep in mind that the actual melt time may vary based on the type of burner and tea lights you use. Electric burners typically offer a longer burn time due to their controlled temperature.

Simple Steps to Use Gel Wax Melts:
Using gel wax melts is a breeze! Follow these straightforward steps to experience the delightful aromas in your space:

1. Preparation: Peel out the desired amount of gel wax melt from the pot, and place it on the top of your burner.
2. Light the Flame: Light a tea light or switch on your electric burner to start the fragrance journey.
3. Enjoy the Aromas: As the gel wax begins to melt, it will release its captivating scent, enveloping your surroundings in a delightful aroma.

Pro Tips for Enhanced Fragrance Experience:

• For an even fragrance distribution, we recommend gently flipping the gel melt (when cooled) between burning sessions.
• Prioritize safety: Always place your burner in a secure location, away from the reach of children and pets. Ensure to extinguish the flame before leaving your home.

Mindful Burn Time:

• If using tealight burners, it’s best to limit the burn time to a maximum of 4 hours. This prevents overheating and potential damage to your burner.

When to Remove Gel Wax:
While we’ve listed average burn times, it’s best to remove the gel wax when you can no longer perceive the fragrance.

Easy Removal Process:
When the gel wax has cooled completely and set, gently peel it away from the burner, and dispose of it responsibly.

By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to make the most of your gel wax melts, transforming your space into a sanctuary of enchanting scents. Savor the moments of bliss and relaxation, and let the alluring fragrances of our gel wax melts fill your home with delight.