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About Gelicious Melts ®


Gelicious Melts®: A Journey of Creativity, Passion, and Excellence

Gelicious Melts® originated in South Wales, inspired by Emma, the creative mind behind this captivating venture. Emma’s journey with wax melts began in 2017 when she embarked on a hobby to keep herself engaged while recovering from a slipped disc. Little did she know that this simple hobby would ignite a profound passion within her.

As a naturally creative individual, Emma found immense joy in crafting traditional wax melts. She soon realized that this artistic endeavor was not only a fulfilling pastime but also a way to infuse her living spaces with delightful fragrances that she adored. The spark of inspiration led Emma to explore new possibilities, prompting her to experiment with gel as a unique medium.

Three years later, Emma’s exceptional talent and dedication transformed her hobby into a flourishing business - Gelicious Melts®. The heart and soul poured into every creation make her gel melts a true work of art. Emma’s vision was to share her passion and astounding creations with others, and Gelicious Melts® became the epitome of her artistic expression.

Today, Gelicious Melts® boasts an exquisite selection of gel wax melts that tantalize the senses. The website showcases an array of delightful scents, each carefully curated to bring joy and enchantment into homes. Additionally, themed scent selections and beautiful burners complement the collection, creating an immersive sensory experience like no other.

Thanks to Emma’s dedication and the overwhelming support from her amazing customers and the vibrant Instagram community, Gelicious Melts® has become a global sensation. The brand’s reputation for excellence and creativity has resonated with wax melt enthusiasts across the world.

In the heart of Gelicious Melts® lies Emma’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products, each designed to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Embrace the magic of Gelicious Melts® and let the scents take you on a captivating journey of aroma and emotion.

Join us on this aromatic adventure and experience the passion, creativity, and excellence that make Gelicious Melts® an extraordinary brand that touches hearts and homes across the globe.

• Emma, Owner of Gelicious Melts®