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What is Gel Wax?

What is Gel Wax?
Gel wax is a unique type of wax. It is a translucent and jelly-like substance that offers a variety of benefits and creative possibilities. Unlike traditional candle waxes, gel wax has a distinct texture and appearance that sets it apart.
How is it Made?
Gel wax melts often use mineral oil as a base, which is a byproduct of petroleum refining. While mineral oil is not considered a renewable resource, it is long-lasting and can be more environmentally friendly than some other waxes. Additionally, some manufacturers use natural or plant-based additives to enhance their products’ eco-friendliness.
Advantages of Gel Wax
Gel wax melts have a longer burning time compared to traditional wax melts. This is because gel wax burns at a slower rate, allowing you to enjoy your melts for a longer period of time.
Vegan & Cruelty Free
Gel wax melts are typically made without using any animal-derived ingredients. The primary components, mineral oil, and polymer resin, are not sourced from animals. 

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